miniDaT-Web-Basic LTE: GPS tracker with usage times for construction machinery, working platforms...

miniDaT-Web-Basic LTE: GPS tracker with usage times for construction machinery, working platforms...

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Data recording device, 3 inputs, 1 output for switching off machine, tested on construction machinery

The miniDaT-WEB-Basic data recording system is used for the recording of data relevant to the billing of rental charges for work platforms, construction equipment or other mobile or stationary machines. The data recording system can be used, irrespective of the manufacturer, on almost all stationary or mobile machines equipped with their own power supply. The devices have been tested for use on construction sites, and are resistant to dust, water, heat and vibration. The usage times are saved in a permanent memory, with date and time, and transmitted daily to the Obserwando Portal. Usage outside the agreed rental contract times, e.g. weekend or multiple-shift use, can be confirmed just as easily as faulty operation. The voltage of the vehicle battery can be checked via the built0in analog channel, so that battery defects can also be detected at an early stage. The vehicle location is available to the user at any time in the Obserwando Portal. At the end of the rental period or on release of the machine, the machine can also be switched off. The machine is therefore protected against unauthorised use. The resulting reduced damage increases the machine availability.


  • Data recoding up to 3 functions, such as machine operating time, battery charge, low oil level (if available on the machine)
  • Location transmission to Obserwando
  • Water-protected, vibration-proof
  • Daily transmission of operating data to Obserwando
  • Easy installation
  • Calculable costs thanks to annual flat rate
  • Easy analysis of the data in the Obserwando Portal

Technical data:

Dimensions: 122 x 57 mm (diameter x height)
Attachment points: M32, height 13 mm
Operating voltage: 8 – 30 V DC
Operating temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C
Connection cable length: 5 m
Housing protection type: IP66

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