EQTrace md

EQTrace md

Product no.: 46000115

375.00 €
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Product data sheet


Data acquisition device, 4 inputs, 365 days of data storage

including ext. WiFi antenna


The EQTrace md is used to record the data relevant to billing in the rental of mobile equipment such as work platforms, construction machinery and industrial trucks. Regardless of the manufacturer, the data acquisition system can be used on almost any stationary or mobile machine that has its own power supply. The devices are insensitive to dust, water, heat or vibration. The usage times are saved with the date and time in a permanent memory. Use outside of the agreed rental contract times, such as weekend use or multi-shift use, can be easily verified.


In addition to the operating times required for the service intervals, faulty operations, e.g.

  • lack of battery charge
  • Use until deep discharge
  • Battery discharge from ignition on

​prove exactly. The recorded data can also be used excellently for preventive maintenance.

Highlights / Technical data

- Data collection from 4 functions, e.g. machine running time, battery charge, ignition...

- Storage capacity 365 working days

- waterproof, shake-proof

- Working range 10VDC - 60VDC

- Data evaluation via WinDaT App, WinDaT PRO+ (optional), Obserwando (optional)

- Data transfer via WiFi

- adjustable + readable via app

Product notice: including ext. WiFi antenna