EQTrace-T with ext. antenna: GPS tracker for service vehicles and trucks ...

EQTrace-T with ext. antenna: GPS tracker for service vehicles and trucks ...

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EQTrace-T is the professional, inexpensive Profi-GPS-Tracker solution for field staff organisations, shipping - companies, professional renting -, construction - companies as well as and more.

Version with external GPS antena for hidden mounting.

Operating hours can be recorded on diesel engines with EQTrace T devices. This is made possible through a digital input channel to monitor the usage times. With the switching output now also available, you can switch off the machine or a machine function specifically. The use of the machine to free message or poor payment behavior can be inhibited so.

One system for GPS-tracking and vehicle log and anti-theft:

  • Detection of actual position of a singel vehicle or a group of vehicles
  • Online visualization via webbrowser or smartphone
  • Vehicle or driver log
  • Driving Route represented by waypoints recorded every minute
  • Anti-theft-protection for work area and rest time, geo fencing
  • Reliable, professional solution:  No extra battery- connected to vehicle power, for rough environments
  • Optional: With electronic key for access control
  • Additional flatrate for data transmission, depending on plannedn operation area, is required.

Simple installation: Just connect to power supply and you a are done!


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