the proven, low-cost system for machine data recording


The miniDaT data recording system is the leading and cost-efficient system to record relevant billing data for rental companies when it comes to aerial lifts, construction machinery and industrial handling trucks.

Easily generate extra rental-income by usage report!

Can be used on practically all stationary or mobile machines that have their own power supply, regardless of the manufacturer.


The devices have been put to the test on building sites and are easy to install, insensitive to dust, water (IP66), heat or vibration.

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  • all data is stored locally on your own inhouse server. No Internet connection to meet your safety requirements.
  • very fast return on invest
  • 30 minutes installation (depending on machine)
  • easiest handling
  • many upgrade options, e.g. data collectors
  • robust construction
  • data can be transferred to your IT-systems