miniDaT-LR data recording system with radio interface

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The miniDaT-data recording system is used for the recording of data relevant to the billing of rental charges for work platforms, construction equipment and internal transport vehicles. The captured data is transferred over a distance of up to 100m automatically via radio to the collection device miniDaT IAP. This allows to analyze the collected operating data when the machine comes back from the rental. The data recording system can be used, irrespective of the manufacturer, on almost all stationary or mobile machines equipped with their own power supply. The devices have been tested for use on construction sites, and are resistant to dust, water, heat and vibration. The usage times are saved in a permanent memory, with date and time. Usage outside the agreed rental contract times, e.g. weekend or multiple-shift use, can be confirmed just as easily as faulty operation. In the event of damage, the system can confirm various types of faulty operations such as inadequate battery charging, usage until full battery discharge, operation without oil or with excessively hot cooling water. The recorded data are also ideally suitable for preventive maintenance.


  • Wireless data transfer up to 100m
  • Data recoding up to 5 functions, such as machine operating time, battery charge, low oil level
  • Memory capacity 110 working days
  • Water-protected, vibration-proof
  • Channel status can be read off via LED
  • Easy installation
  • Data transfer via radio to miniDaT-IAP
  • Easy analysis of the data with WinDaT-Pro under Windows

Technical data:

Dimensions: (H x W x D): 77x65x34 mm
Operating temperature: -10°C...+60°C
Protection type: IP65, vibration-proof
Weight: 160 g
Operating voltage: 12V...30V DC
up to 150V DC with transformer TR20/150
for 230V AC with transformer TR230
Connection cable length: 2m



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miniDaT-IAP-mobile miniDaT-IAP-mobile
895.00 € *
WinDaT-Pro - Analysis software for miniDaT data WinDaT-Pro - Analysis software for miniDaT data
480.00 € *
TR20-150: miniDaT voltage converter TR20-150: miniDaT voltage converter
55.00 € *
miniDaT-IAP-Kombi-Radio-Datacollector miniDaT-IAP-Kombi-Radio-Datacollector
895.00 € *
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