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Product no.: 13200001

Access card for operation with EQTrace Key and EQTrace WLAN devices.

7.00 *
Product no.: 13323010

Voltage converter for connecting the miniDaT to machines with an operating voltage of 230V AC.

165.00 *
Product no.: 46000065

Reader for RFID access cards and key fobs.

125.00 *
Product no.: 46000027
80.00 *
Product no.: 46000028

Flatrate for transmission of  position and anti-theft features for usage within EU-Europe plus Switzerland. Valid for 1 year.

120.00 *
Product no.: 46000029

Automatic transmission of position data to the Obserwando portal, including theft protection functions. The contract period is 1 year and includes SIM card and connection fees worldwide.

200.00 *
Product no.: 13200004

Access card in the form of a key fob

7.00 *
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