EQTrace-TD: GPS-Tracker, Vehicle tracking, data collection and log

EQTrace-TD: GPS-Tracker, Vehicle tracking, data collection and log

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EQTrace-TD is the "one-for-all" solution for professional renting -, construction - and shipping - companies as well as field staff organisations and more.

One system for data collection, anti-theft, GPS-tracking and vehicle log.

New in February 2016: 4 instead of 2 digital input channels for monitoring machine usage and machine functions. Plus switching output, with which the machine or a machine function can be switched off selectively. The use of the machine outside agreed periods an poor payment behavior can be inhibited so.
  • Detection of actual vehicle position
  • Anti-theft-protection for work area and rest time, geo fencing
  • Vehicle or driver log (when used in cars, trucks etc.)
  • Machine data collection on 4 channels possible: Usage, battery charging time, deep discharge etc.
  • Separate switching output to shut down the entire machine or a machine function
  • Minimum strain on the battery even if construction stops for weeks
  • Data and position also available on the Smartphone
  • Additional flatrate for data transmission, depending on plannedn operation area, is required

Very simple installation: Just connect to power supply and you a are done!

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